A Complete Solution for Food Processing Industry

OurĀ  highly expertise technical team can suggest you the best Machines for your industry from many selected suppliers all over the world. Also, our R&D team can help you to develop new and innovative products.

Our Machines are designed by Industry Experts from Italy, USA, Sweden, India and China
For cost optimization, most machines are fabricated in China with proven references

Major Area of Machineries

We also have following Potential Projects:

Culinary (preserved)- Sauce, Pickle, Jam & Jelly

Complete Spice Processing Plant

Dehydrated Food & Vegetables Production Line (Vacuum Drying, Freeze Drying, Heat Pump Drying, Tunnel Drying & Solar Drying)

Complete Ice-cream Project

Frozen Snacks & Vegetables

Auto Slaughter House

QSR (Fast Food Chain) Complete Project

Ready-to-Eat Food Canning & Retort Pouch Packaging with Shelf Stables

Powder Handling Equipment for Powder Beverage, Saline, Instant Tea & Coffee

Integrated Dairy Project (Milk, Yoghurt & Powder Milk)

Grain Milling (Wheat Mill, Rice Mill, Flour Mill, Corn Mill)