Baked Food Processing Industry Solution

Full Auto Biscuit Line With Multiple Options

Our complete Auto Biscuit Line (auto hard dough and soft dough production line) can produce variety of Biscuits and  Different types of Snacks (Chips)

We also can do savory snacks out of our Biscuit Line which gives you amazing benefit  ‘WITH SINGLE INVESTMENT GET MULTIPLE RETURN’

Cookies Line (Deposited and Wire-cut Cookies)

We have a complete Auto Cookies Line with steel band tunnel Oven.

We also have mini Cookies Depositor and Wire-cut Cookies Machine with Rotary Oven.

Encrusting Line

Encrusting Line

Our best quality center filled Encrusting Production Line will encrust and combine two different colored dough with fruit jams, fruit paste (mixed with small nuts, sesame etc), chocolate and cream filling. Wire-cutting, diaphragm cutting devices are used for cutting outer dough in different shapes, sizes and styles.

This machine is easy to operate, assemble, maintain and clean for food safety. Changing different forming moulds allow producing an endless variety of products. It is widely used for bakery factories and food companies.  

Plate Wafer Line

Wafer Line

Wafer is now a new generation product manufactured by Auto Plate Wafer Line with advanced technology. With compact structure and unique reliability, the plant is mainly consists of mixing system, automatic feeding system, tunnel type oven, sheet feeding & cooling device, cream coating & spreading machine and cutter.

Egg Roll Wafer Line

Egg roll Wafer

Egg Roll (Wafer Stick) Line products are most popular in Africa, Southeast Asia, and other domestic markets. It consists of dough mixer, forming roller, automatic roll filling machine, color mixing machine, baking machine, oven and cooling conveyor. It can make one color/two color, filled or non-filled egg roll with excellent design and structure.

Process Flow:
Dough Mixer → Material Feeder → Baking Oven → Coloring → Rolling Cutting → Cooling → Packing

Full Auto Fresh Bakery Line

Aoto bakery line

With advanced facility and technology, our complete Auto Fresh Bakery Line can produce any kind of bakery food products like bread, bun and other flat bread etc.

Bread production line is composed of double-speed dough mixer, full-auto circular dough sheeter, dough dividing machine, dough cutting machine, 3-lines compound roller forming machine, bread fermentation box, rotary oven and so on.

Bread is a good appetizer for loaf-lovers.  With only three ingredients – flour, water, and salt usually by baking, it is digestible and nutritious, too. Throughout the recorded history it has been popular around the world.

A Model Semi Auto Bakery Project

Model semi auto bakery line

A Model Semi Auto Bakery Project is composed with dough mixer, dough sheeter, dough divider, proofer and baking ovens. These machines of good performance produce any kind of quality baked food products.  We have also developed our Semi Auto Bakery Project for different bakery products like single or multi-layered cakes according to local taste and texture with well-organized manufacturing process.

The above facilities are the ideal solutions for a small scale project to invest. 

Full Auto Dry Cake Production Line

Full Auto Dry Cake Production Line

The present day consumer looks for new baked food products with better appeal and taste from other bakery foods. The most common baked item is bread but many other types of foods are also baked like Dry Cake. It is like twice-baked cake/bread, crisp and crunchy but tasted super delicious.

With good planning and international standard technology, sound manufacturing process, quality raw materials and potential markets, setting up this type of Full Auto Dry Cake Production Line can represent an excellent enterprise opportunity.

Process Flow:

Cutting bread into similar slices →bread pieces in a single layer onto a baking sheet →bake/dry in the oven →Turn off the oven →leave the baking sheet with bread in the oven to dry & cool.

Full Auto Toast (Rusk) Production Line

The production process for Toast Production Line (Rusk) starts with dough production. Next stations are dough feed and moulding. The dough is proofed and baked in pans. After baking, the bread loaves are depanned, cooled and sliced. In a second baking process the slices are toasted and then transported to the packaging machines. The dimension (size and length) of the oven is depending on the necessary baking time in relation to the desired production performance.

We can design a line with tunnel oven which can make
Bread, Rusk, Cake & Dry Cake !!!