With Single Investment Get Multiple Return

If you buy our biscuit line, you can make high quality biscuits, both hard and soft dough biscuits.

Besides, we can turn your biscuit line into a snacks line and also for special value added products which can be sold in a higher price than common biscuits.

We can help you right machine selection, product selection, making different products from a single line, invest on single line and get multiple return, product development, package development, building layout, drainage design and all utilities supports.

Most common auto biscuit line supplier only assure you to make hard and soft biscuit production, but we go beyond that, we can help making Hello Panda type biscuit, different snacks (chips) like Tortilla chips (Doritos), Baked Potato chips, Lentil chips, Pita chips, Spicy Indian Cracker.

Our strength is special product development capacity catering your need.

Baked Potato Chips

For snack manufacturers interested in producing lower-oil content potato snacks, Skywin offers a range of manufacturing solutions for producing Baked Potato chips.

With our special formulation and ingredient combination along with the machine support, the systems transforms dry and liquid ingredients into a consistent dough mixing and sheet formation.

Then same stackable or irregular real look ”potato chips” pieces are cut by interchangeable die rolls before being baked in our versatile oven system.

This modular production system can produce between 250 – 1200 kg/hr of finished product. The production volume largely depends on the number of oven sections and the width of the forming section and the oven belt; throughput capacity increases as oven zones are added. With seasoning addition, your product will sell as almost the price of real Potato chips.

The line can produce hard and soft biscuits without compromising the quality. The line can apply seasonings and oil into the baked chips. The Baked Potato chips can be packed in horizontal and vertical pillow bags.

Irregular shape real Potato chips look alike and taste alike products can be made and packed in flexible pillow bag.

Tortilla Chips

We bridge and integrate baking system with snacking system.

Our snacks experts’ works closely with baking experts and can turn your investment into a multiple output system.

Yes, we can make Tortilla chips in biscuit line.

Using premade Masa Flour (special corn flour for Tortilla chips), our process technology can manufacture a true Mexican Style real corn Tortilla chip.

Pita Chips and Lentil Chips

With the variation of ingredients, we can help you developing Pita chips and Lentil chips in same biscuit line (widely used and popular in Middle East and Mediterranean countries).

Above pictures are only for giving idea of product types we can make, these are not the reference products made with our machine, we can make even better.

By ensuring quality and consistency through every step of the production process at our state-of-the-art manufacturing system, we can make the highest quality snacks in every bag. 

Indian Cracker

We have special process formulation and baking system which can make ethnic Indian Crackers (like Papadum) or “baked besan paare” from the same biscuit line. And you can follow the new trends of Naan chips and Naan Thins with our special seasonings application supports.

Chocolate confectionery out of biscuit line!!!

We made it reality to make hollow and center filled (chocolate or other tasty cream into the biscuit) in our biscuit line like “Hello Panda”. Our special process technology and oven structure can really turn your small biscuit into puff and hollow.

Our valued customers in China, Bangladesh, Thailand and other countries are really doing good business from the single line.