Deposited Lollipop Production Line with advanced SERVO technology


  • Capacity:
    For lollipop: (based on 10g ): approx. 300kgs/h
    10g x 25strokes/min x 20 cavities x 60min=300kgs/h

  • Micro-film cooking
  • The PLC controller is separated out of the cooker to prevent the hot wet steam doing the harmful effects on the PLC and electronic parts
  • The automatic regulator valve with electric positioned can automatically control the supply of steam to cooker via a more stable vapor pressure
  • Servo-drive designed depositor: Three axis servo control ensures the complete control over the depositing process
  • Auto Flavor & color dosing system
  • Bigger and stronger mould-carrier chains
  • Double jacket connecting pipes, valves and mixing system and hot water generation system
  • All contact parts made of food grade Stainless-Steel

Products can be made from this line

Standard One/Two color deposited Lollipop with different flavor options

One/Two color stripe deposited Lollipop
Moulds can be made according to the candies samples provided by the customer.

All Equipment of this line

Syrup Preparation Section

Micro-film cooking section

Depositing and cooling section

By some little modification more products can be made from this line

Chocolate Center- Filling Machine for Center filled Candy

Jelly Candy Moulds for Jelly Candy

By Changing Moulds You can also make following products in the same line:

  • Striped candies/fruit flavour
  • Clear candy
  • Butter Scotch  / Milk Candy
  • Scotch with chocolate filled