Biscuit Packing Options

Flow Packing Machines

Model 320 (Horizontal Flow Packing Machine)

320 Horizontal Flow Packing Machine

Suitable for biscuit, cookies, cake, bread, chocolate etc.  with or without tray packing. 
Technical Data:
Max Film Width: 320mm
Bag Length: 150 to 330mm
Biscuit Height: Max. 60mm
Speed: 40 to 230 pack/min (Depending on packing size and material)

Model 360 (On-Edge Packing Machine)

Suitable for packing several pieces of biscuits into one package without tray like Oreo and Energy Plus.
Technical Data:
Capacity: 20-80 packs/min
Bag Size: Length:100-240mm, Width: 40-80mm, Height: 40-70mm

Model 450, Horizontal Flow Packing Machine (Family Pack with or without tray)

Suitable for packing Instant Noodles, Biscuits, Chocolates, Frozen Food, Ice-Cream etc.
Technical Data:
Capacity: 50-200 packs/min
Bag size: Length: 70-400mm, Width: 32-150mm, Height: 50-70mm