Chocolate Packing Machines

800 Candy flow packing machine


Technical Data

Packaging speed200-800 pcs/min
Candy SizeL: 10-55mm, W: 10-30mm, H: 4-25mm
Bag Length48-95mm
Max. Film Width180mm
Length TrackingPhoto Electric Sensor
Power380V, 50Hz, 4.5kw

200 lollipop twist packing machine

Main feature:

  • Capacity: 200 pcs/min
  • Color-mark adjustable tracking system, computer program and controlled precise positioning, coordination in film supplying, wrapping and strong sealing.
  • Photoelectric tracking system, self-stop for no product feeding, no empty bags, good self adjustment ability. Gradual motor to control film feeding seed with product feeding.
  • Imported frequency transformer, PLC, circumvention coder and light-electrical switch.
  • Friendly designed, easy for operation and maintenance.

If you need any other capacity or customized options, please feel free to contact us.