Tortilla Chips Processing Line

We can supply tortilla chip lines with production lines ranging from simple 100 kg/ hour to completely automated 1500 kg/hour systems. From masa flour mixing or complete corn cooking systems to seasoning and packaging we have the support for layout/design, equipment, product development and service to handle your needs. Our systems incorporate the latest in efficiency for labor and energy to maximize your resources and product quality. Supplier will commission the line and make sure that your staff gets professional training in process control and maintenance.

Process for Tortilla Chips Production

Step 1: Masa Mixer

Our mixers are designed for uniform hydration of masa flours for the production of tortilla chip, corn tortillas, taco/tostada shells and other masa based products. Masa mixers are available in different batch capacity and equipped with sigma blade design for gentle hydration. Mixers are constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel and equipped single speed high torque drive systems.
Mixing systems are available with optional water meter, dual tilt design and flour metering systems to meet your needs.

Step 1: Masa Feeder

We can supply “inline masa feeders” and “gooseneck masa feeders” for uniform feeding of masa to the sheeter. masa feeders are constructed of heavy weld stainless steel and equipped with variable speed drives to provide years of reliable feeding.
Ideal feeding system for small and medium lines. Gooseneck system is design to reduce lifting height to feed hopper.

Step 3: Pre Sheeter

This Series of Pre-Sheeters are designed for uniform feed of masa to the sheeter for production of tortilla chips, corn tortilla and taco/tostada shells. Pre sheeters are available in widths up to 65” and can be equipped with mezzanines for supporting the pre-sheeter with a mixer or dough lift system.
Ideal feeding system for medium and high capacity lines when running a variety of products needing a quick change over of masa.

Step 4: Masa Pump

This masa pump systems are designed to provide a uniform sheet of masa to the sheeter for the production of corn tortilla, tortilla chip and taco/tostada shell products. Pump systems are equipped with collection feeders to transfer masa from mixers for masa flour and corn mills for cooked corn to the sheeters. Masa pump system are inverter driven and equipped with level sensors to assure even unassisted feeding to your sheeter.

Step 5: Sheeter

This is a high capacity corn products sheeter.

Heavy duty rollers to assure uniform product thickness. Available in widths up to 65″ for 16 rows of tortilla chips & 8 rows of corn tortilla.
New Cam Force (patented pending) rear roller positioning system for precise, repeatable thickness adjustment.
Automatic thickness control system / ATC (patented) no need to weight during operation.
Elevated rear roller and cut-away frame design offering unprecedented access to key areas.

Step 6: Oven

We have the three pass ovens for processing corn and flour tortillas, tortilla chips and taco/tostada shell. Three pass ovens are available in smaller atmospheric combustion for simple tortilla lines and high capacity pre-mix oven for large scale tortilla chips and tortilla processing systems. All series are available in a variety of lengths and width as well as belt types to meet your product and production needs.
This Series Ovens are equipped with the latest in combustion technology to provide maximum efficiency and uniformity in baking. Stainless steel burner and frames, independent and uniformity in baking. Stainless steel burner and frames, independent temperature controls, cross fire adjustment to control temperature across the width of the oven and automatic stack exhaust system, plc control with gas efficiency monitoring are some of the features in this latest series of ovens.

Step 7: Equilibrator

We Supply multi-tiered cooling system for reducing backed product temperature prior to packaging. Cooling conveyors are available with stainless steel and plastic belting and in feed and discharge system to match to your oven and packaging system. Conveyors can be equipped with variable speed control and dwell meters, independent drives, alignment guides and air management.
Equilibrating conveyors for production of tortillas chips are also available with the same belting, size and control options.

Step 8: Chip Fryer

We Supply fryers for the production of tortillas chip, corn chip and other corn based snacks. Frying systems are available in smaller direct fired immersion tube system and large direct and indirect external heat exchange systems. All fryers are designed and built to minimize oil volume and are equipped with the latest in filtering technology for maximum oil and snack quality.
Immersion tube fryer are available in 90 and 250 kg/hr system.
External Heat Exchange systems are available from 200 to 1200 kg/hr. and can be equipped with direct or indirect heating (thermal oil) to maximize oil quality

Step 9: Seasoner

Our Seasoners are designed and engineered specifically to your product requirements.

Stainless steel spray applicator and tumbler. The oil applicator is “airless” style. Using compressed air, the nozzles turn on and off but the compressed air never mixes with the liquid being applied. Pump will draw liquid from the reserv tank. Intergrated controls for precision process flow. 

Step 10:
Chopper - Dual Head

• Capacity: Up to 3000 kg of “bulk” pre-cuts/hour
• Easily integrates existing scaling systems or fryer for inline knife cut chips
• Equipped with an optional tumbler to break up stuck chips
• Heavy-duty construction for reliable operation and long life
• Independent cylinder controls for maximum throughput and versatility


If you have any special requirements, please contact us. We can do any modifications regarding your required product.